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Genuine Weber Carbs HEADING_TITLE

Why to purchase genuine Weber carburettors & parts, and NOT inferior copies.

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of poorly manufactured Weber carburettor copies enter the market, along with a selection of calibrated parts which are just as poorly made. Whilst the US and South America have been manufacturing these parts for several years, a number of these counterfeit carburettors and inferior parts are now coming from China, and whilst the slightly cheaper price tag may seem attractive, you will end up spending a lot more trying to get them to work.

The more recent items are copies of the 40, 45 DCOE and DCOE range of carburettors. They have FAJS cast into the body. Some opportunistic vendors are selling these FAJS carburettors on ebay with highly dubious listing details, with a number of buyers being caught out. With regards to these carburettors, we cannot help with any fault diagnosis, jetting or warranty issues.

Some examples of the poor design and manufacturing of copied parts include;

Carburettor threads and machines surfaces and poorly finished and strip easily or do not seal

Castings have been found porous and made of poor quality alloys (for those fitting 48 IDA carbs to Mazda rotary engines, forget about trying to weld on an extended fuel bowl, the casting will simply melt away)

Bearing and carburettor spindles are not accurately aligned

Progression holes are not accurately drilled

Jet seats do not seal

On first inspection, the casting of these carburettors appear quite reasonable - but this is expected as the die for casting the carburettor bodies is brand new. Don't be fooled by the shiny appearance!

With regards to the quality of jets, we decided to purchase 4 sets of cheap ebay special jets to see how accurate the drillings were. When looking at 4 jets of the same size, we found all were different and showed a variation of up to .09mm from largest to smallest. That is almost two jets sizes. Emulsion tubes were even worse with holes drilled incorrectly and the thickness out by up to 1.2mm.

Remember, we are talking about precision calibrated parts used to tune for economy or high performance.

Weber Performance only deals with genuine Weber carburettors & parts. All our parts are sourced from directly from Europe, and are guaranteed to be manufactured to the exact tolerances required.

A little something about the manufacturing of Weber carburettors

As some may know, the original Italian Weber factory closed in 1992 (not too long after fuel injection took over). A few years later production resumed in Spain utilising all the same machinery and tooling. Today,  a company by the name of LCN is the manufacturer of Weber carburettors & components.  LCN is a major automotive supplier to some of the world's leading European car manufacturers. Weber carburettors in fact make up less than 10% of their business. Being involved so heavily in the Automotive industry, they must adhere to ISO 9001 manufacturing standards for all parts - including Weber carburettors. All genuine Weber carburettors manufactured by CNC are wet tested with an inert liquid before leaving the factory to ensure they perform as they are meant to.

So the next time you are considering a Weber purchase, ask the supplier where the parts came from, and ensure you are receiving the real thing. Give your Weber carburettor the genuine parts they deserve.

We provide all genuine Spanish Weber carburettors with a one year warranty.